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Jonathan at the Seashore

By J.J. Macke
53 year old Jonathan sits alone at the seashore. Seagulls fly overhead. Pelicans dive. Lovers hold hands and walk in the distance yet, Jonathan remains unaware. His feet barely touch the water’s edge as the small inshore waves flow in and out. The tide is receding. He watches and thinks of how the rise and fall of each wave mirrors life with its ups and downs, ins and outs, successes and failures, births and deaths.
All the while, his life force trickles out of him slowly. Of this, he is well aware, and yet, he does nothing to stop it. View full article »

By J.J. Macke

There she is, the girl from my vision.

It is dark, and finding her was difficult amid the clutter and bodies, yet there she is. I cringe at the replayed scene of a well-used needle pushed into her retreating arm. This time is different though. It is now, and the needle is propelled, not by her hand, but by that of a man twice her age and size, and he does so just in time to deliver the dose without spilling.
Can I still save her?
Yes, the Voice says. You can. That is why you are here.
The flesh is that of a child-woman in her late teens. I hear her cry out at first, but View full article »

Who Is Noble Wonder?

By J.J. Macke

I met a young kid the other day, impressed me. Not sure why, or how, he just did, and that’s a big deal ‘cuz I ain’t easily impressed, ya know’m sayin’? There was nothin’ extra-ordinary about this kid, either. He looked in his late teens, early twenties, blondish hair neatly trimmed, almost military, and a freckle here an’ there on a not-bad Anglo face. He stood medium build, ’round 6 foot, wearing  blue jeans, a white T, and black sandles, south o’ the border style and…I know, I know, you’re thinkin’ it all sounds a lot like a police report View full article »